Content Writer Test

Hi Applicant,

This will be your examination before qualifying for the position of Content Writer. This is being given to you to gauge your skills and proficiency for the said position. The result of this examination will also be used to pinpoint your areas of weakness and how to improve them.

Open a Google Document, tag it shareable to everyone and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Write a 800-word article (excluding the title and sources)
  • Insert the given keyword within the first 100 words of your introduction.
  • Write in English.
  • Observe proper spelling and grammar.
  • No plagiarism.
  • You are allowed to get information from your sources but strictly use your own words.
  • Cite your sources at the end of your article

Use Microsoft Word. Use this format for your file name: [Name of Applicant] [Title] [Date].docx (example: Smith John The Risk of Wearing High Heels 10/01/17)

This exam is time pressured and must be finished within two hours. We are very particular with time and one qualification that we look for as a writer is their ability to observe deadlines.

Here are the following topics, with their respective keywords, for you to choose from (Select only one):

  1. Topic: The Benefits of Drinking Organic Coffee
    Keyword: organic coffee Philippines

  2. Topic: # Signs Your Child has a Good Teacher
    Keyword: signs your child has a good teacher

  3. Topic: Everyday Habits that Help Prevent Cancer
    Keyword: habits that prevent cancer

  4. Topic: Common Applications of Stainless Steel in the Philippines
    Keyword: stainless steel Philippines

  5. Topic: Common Chemicals Used for Cleaning Households
    Keyword: chemicals used for cleaning

Take Note: You can use stop words between keywords for smoother sentence transition. However, you can only use up to four stop words in between keywords. Here is a list of all the stop words you could use:

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    Good luck!

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