Team Success Officer

Human Resource Assistant

A Human Resource Assistant will foster the growth of the team by providing new hires and regulars with sufficient orientation and training. He/she will be in charge of managing the employee database, assisting the payroll processing and attending cases related to human resources.

Facilitate the entire hiring screening and hiring process all the way to the onboarding of a new team member.

Facilitate the resignation or termination process of a new teammate.

Facilitate the orientation and training of new team members.

Strategize and create new training or workshop modules for the team.

Manage, update and maintain the human resource database.

Update and maintain team member benefits, status and similar records.

Assist with Payroll processing.

Attend cases related to human resources.


Interested to make things happen?

SEO Hacker is all about empowering companies and individual entities to generate more revenue in the digital market. We are Energetic, Motivated and Passionate people who Absolutely Love what we do.

We are on a mission to WIN and make WINNERS and we are looking for other like-minded, high-quality people to join us. SEO Hacker works with some of the Most Widely Known Companies in the Philippines and Abroad including: SM, TGP, Toyota, Mega Global, Reedley International School, Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Enderun, Mineski, TV5, and the list goes on.


What the Ideal Candidate will have

Self-Motivated and Efficient Work Ethic – We don’t like managing people with the work ethics of a 4-year-old.

You have a solid sense of loyalty to the organization you work for – more than the people you work with.

You can frankly and directly tell other people things they should know out of care and out of duty.

You love technology as we are a tech company and we all love tech here.

Expert knowledge on labor and employment laws and practices.


What Winning as a Human Resource Assistant Looks Like

The human resource records database are accurately recorded whenever random checks are made.

The entire team feels like the company is transparent, clear and approachable.

There is no shortage of new team members being onboarded each month.

Conflicts between team members or between upper management and team members are resolved within 5 working days.

New team members hit the ground running because you onboarded them correctly – they don’t need to wait 1 week for their laptops or they don’t need to slack around and be told what to do.


A Few Things we Want you to Know

If you don’t know who the company really is because you did not take time to read our history, vision, mission, we will ask you to leave before your interview is over.

Don’t apply if you are just looking for a J-O-B – we are looking for people who REALLY WANT to work with us because of what we believe in.

Our interview process is more thorough and involved than you are used to because we’re looking for the right fit.

We work really hard all the time because we love what we do – and have tons of fun while doing it!


Some of our Benefits

Ongoing personal and professional development training by some of the best in the industry.

40-hour workweeks (We mean it. We Discourage Overtime and we don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays).

Paid Leaves (Vacation, Sick, and Emergency).

Performance bonus that can potentially amount to 14th and 15th month pay.

Free life insurance / cash investment growing every year

Health and medical benefits and coverage

Free coaching and mental health benefits

Apply for the Job

    Apply for the Job

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