SEO Specialist Test

Hello Applicant,

This examination serves as a way for us to gauge your skills for the position of SEO Specialist. We hope to determine your knowledge and skills in SEO here and, should you pass the test, improve them during your stay with us in the company.

Please note that this exam is time pressured and must be finished within 1 ½ hours.

That said, please perform the following tasks:

Open a blank page in Microsoft Word.

  1. Write a blog post that you believe would rank in the first page of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for its targeted keyword provided that all other factors are perfect except for content.
    • Write in American English; observing proper spelling, grammar, and formatting.
    • Indicate the target keyword below the title.
    • Include your preferred title tag and meta description.
    • Use proper heading tags for your subheadings.
    • Present facts and cite your sources.
    • Strictly no plagiarism.

  2. Answer the following questions succinctly.
    1. What do PA and DA stand for?
    2. Your site’s rankings are dropping. What factors do you check? Enumerate them in order of importance.
    3. What is a meta description & where can you find it in the SERPs?
    4. Cite a Google Algorithm & explain it.
    5. What factors make up a great keyword to target?
    6. Does a site need AMP?
    7. What constitutes a quality link? Enumerate them below.
    8. How do you control which pages are crawled and indexed by search engines?
    9. What is your process in improving a site’s rankings for a specific keyword? Expound.
    10. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, how important is SEO for a business’ digital marketing endeavor?

  3. Rate your knowledge of the following topics from 1-10:
    1. Wordpress:
    2. Content Writing and optimization:
    3. Mastery of the English Language:
    4. Google Analytics:
    5. Google Search Console:
    6. Basic SEO (Onsite, Offsite, Technical):

  4. Which Google Update has the best name for you? Expound.

Submit your Work here

    That’s it – thank you for your participation. Good luck.

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