Web Partnership Associate Exam

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Web Partnership Associates generate quality, enticing, and SEO-friendly content embodying client services following related niches for keywords and word count, to market client websites to webmasters. They are also responsible for building networks and relationships, as well as communicating and connecting with local and international webmasters to form partnerships with them.

This exam will gauge how well you are able to craft enticing articles and test how well you can talk with website owners to connect with them.

Open a Google Document, tag it shareable to everyone and follow the instructions carefully.

This exam is time pressured and must be finished within 2 hours and 30 minutes. We are very particular with time, as one qualification that we look for as a Web Partnership Associate is their ability to observe deadlines.

I. Email Outreach

Strategize on how to curate different email pitches for Lifestyle, Health, Real Estate, and Business-related websites, and for a HARO query (5 separate outreach emails).

HARO — stands for Help A Reporter Out. A tool where journalists and bloggers with relevant expert sources meet journalists’ demanding deadlines and enable brands to tell their stories. Its straightforward pitching process allows sources to find answers related to their expertise, industry or experience, while allowing journalists and bloggers to spend more time writing and less time sourcing.

Pitch the topics to webmasters, with the tone corresponding to their niche. For the HARO query, pitch your answer to the journalist.

Note: A webmaster is the admin of the website/owner/author — the one that utilizes the site.

A. Lifestyle
Webmaster name: Dani Velasco
Topic: Skin Care Products to De-stress With After Work

B. Health
Webmaster name: Nicola Payne
Topic: Positive Effects of Consuming Nutraceutical Products

C. Real Estate
Webmaster name: Lorraine Smith
Topic: Reasons Why Investing in Condominiums are Worth It

D. Business
Webmaster name: Ashley Yu
Topic: Role of Agriculture in Economic Development in 2023

E. HARO Query
Journalist: Margaret Castro
HARO Summary: How to Choose the Right Smartphone for You
Query: List down factors that will help you determine which smartphone is right for you.

II. Guest Post Curation

Guest Posting is the practice of contributing an article to another person's blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and high-quality links. The goal of this strategy is to show search engines that the client’s website is authoritative.

Curate a 600-word article from one of these topics:

  1. Skin Care Products to De-stress With After Work
  2. Positive Effects of Consuming Nutraceutical Products
  3. Reasons Why Investing in Condominiums are Worth It
  4. Role of Agriculture in Economic Development in 2023

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